3.4. Modules

The configuration of modules loaded by the server for processing are defined in the LoadModules section. The following table describes the settings in the modules:

Table 3.8. LoadModules configuration settings

DirectorypathPath to use as base path for relative module paths specified with 'Module'. If specified as relative path, it is relative to the directory containing the main configuration file. If not specified, the default module directory of Wolframe is used (for example /usr/lib64/wolframe/modules).
ModulepathDefine a module to load by path. If the setting 'directory' was not specified then the path is relative to the library directory of Wolframe (subdirectory 'wolframe' of the user library directory)

Example configuration:

    Directory /usr/lib/wolframe
    Module mod_db_postgresql
    Module mod_auth_textfile
    Module mod_filter_libxml2