Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1. Introduction to the Wolframe tutorial

1.1.1. Requirements

You need the following packages (We assume you are on an Ubuntu Linux, for other platforms there are similar packages available. Some platforms may have only two monolithic packages to download, a 'wolframe' and a 'wolfclient' package):

  • wolframe_0.0.3 -1_amd64.deb: the Wolframe core server

  • wolframe-sqlite3_0.0.3 -1_amd64.deb: the Sqlite3 database driver module

  • wolframe-libxml2_0.0.3 -1_amd64.deb: the XML filter based on libxml2

  • wolfclient_0.0.4 -1_amd64.deb: the Wolframe graphical user interface client

1.1.2. Sample application

We want to manage a list of customers with name and address and provide the usual operations:

  • list all customers

  • create new customers

  • edit existing customers

  • view customer entries

  • delete customers

1.1.3. Basic directory layout

We don't use the normal directory layout as it requires root rights to install.

Instead we create two directories, one for server data and one for client data:

mkdir ~/tutorial
mkdir ~/tutorial/server
mkdir ~/tutorial/client