Chapter 2. Steps

2.1. Step 1 - Basic connectivity

We have to set up the wolframed daemon with a running configuration file:

cd ~/tutorial/server

We create the central configuration file of the server tutorial.conf:

; we have to load the wolframe protocol to be able to talk to the server
LoadModules {
    Module mod_protocol_wolframe

; we install a verbose default logger to the shell
Logging {
    Stderr {
        Level DEBUG

; one connection, one thread is enough
Server {
    MaxConnections 1
    Threads 1
    Listen {
        Address *
        Port 7661
        MaxConnections 1

We can start the server now in the shell foreground with:

/usr/sbin/wolframed -f -c tutorial.conf

We see the following output of the server in the shell:

NOTICE: Starting server
INFO: Undefined ServerTokens, using ProductOnly
INFO: Empty random generator device. Using default device.
DEBUG: Random generator initialized. Using device '/dev/urandom'
DEBUG: Loading programs
INFO: Accepting connections on
DEBUG: 1 network acceptor(s) created.
DEBUG: 0 network SSL acceptor(s) created.

The server is up and listening to port 7661. The server can be stopped anytime by pressing Ctrl+C.

If we use a telnet to connect to the server with:

telnet localhost 7661

we get:

Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
BYE Access denied.
Connection closed by foreign host.

The server tells us:

DEBUG: Connection from to not authorized
DEBUG: Connection to closed

So we have to configure some basic authorization first.