2.3. Step 3 - Get the whole chain working

Now that we have ensured that basic connectivity to the Wolframe server is available, we can configure the basics for the Qt client, called wolfclient.

We start wolfclient with:

cd ~/tutorial/client
wolfclient tutorial.conf

First define your connection by selecting "Manage servers" in the "File" menu. Define a new connection called "tutorial" which connects to server "localhost" on port 7661. Leave the SSL connection unchecked.

You can test the connection now by pressing the "Test Connection" button.

You should get a message like

Connection successful

in a dialog box.

Safe the connection parameters by pressing the "Ok" button. You see a list of all your configured servers, the only one we defined is "tutorial". Press "Ok" again.

Now you can try to login to your server by selecting "Login" in the "File" menu. Leave the "Username" and the "Password" fields empty as we did not configure any authentification method. Just pick the server called "tutorial" in the "Server" field.

Because we didn't write any user interfaces yet, we get an error message:

Unable to load form or plugin 'init', does the it exist?

To get rid of that error message we will have to create our start form in the Qt designer first. For now we just click away the error message.

We start now the Qt designer and create an empty form of type QWidget named ~/tutorial/client/init.ui and save it.

If we restart the client and login in we see the same empty window again, but this time it's the dynamically loaded initial form (which is again empty). The previous error message disappeared.