License FAQ

What is the license of Wolframe?

Wolframe uses a "dual licensing" model. Under this model users may choose to use Wolframe under the free GPL General Public License version 3 (commonly known as "GPLv3") or under the "Wolframe Commercial License".

Which license should I use?

We encourage you to use GPLv3 as a license model. You are allowed to distribute an unmodified or changed version of Wolframe as long as you comply with the GPLv3 license and distribute derivative work also under the GPLv3 license. A commercial version of Wolframe is needed if you cannot use the GPLv3 license because you have proprietary addons to Wolframe which can not be published under the GPLv3 license or are in conflict with the GPLv3 license.

What exactly are the terms of the commercial license?

Please send your questions directly to and we will be happy to help you.